This is a parallel corpus of the entire Gospel of Luke in 30 languages,  which allows full-text searching and side-by-side comparison of up to seven languages. The following  abbreviations refer to the codes in the table above.

Click here to see how to use the corpus, and to see examples of some searches that you can do.

   English    Other Germanic    Latin / Romance    Other IE    Other
   English (1000s)    Gothic    Latin    Greek (Romanized)    Finnish
   English (1300s)    German    Spanish (1200s)    Greek (Greek)    Hungarian
   English (1600s)     Dutch    Spanish (1900s)    Albanian    Indonesian
   English (1900s)     Danish    Portuguese    Russian    Cebuano
.    Norwegian    French    Bulgarian    Maori
.    Swedish    Haitian Creole      Swahili
.    Icelandic    Italian . .