Prescriptive grammar

Rather than providing a full-blown example of a project, I'll give little snippets of data for 5-6 different phenomena, so that you can see the different ways of addressing the topic.

Note: you can now limit the CHART display in COHA to just one genre (e.g. fiction or newspapers), and so you can see how the change spread from one genre to another.

(feel free to take a look at how the data is set up in the table, ratio comparisons, etc)

  • will / shall

  • can / may I

  • each|none of them is|are

  • try and / to V

  • split infinitive

  • different from / than

  • who / whom

  • has striven / strived

Besides overall frequency from COHA:

  • other historical: TIME Corpus

  • other historical: Google Books (or is it too messy/hard)?

  • current change: COCA (the "historical" part of the chart)

  • current variation: COCA: in which genres are the older/newer forms most common?

  • current variation: dialects: compare COCA and the BNC

  • current variation: dialects: GloWbE

  • lexical: what words did it start with, or change with the most

  • genre: mainly in fiction, newspaper, etc during certain periods?

Getting charts into Google Sites

  1. Import data into Google docs spreadsheet

  2. For chart: in Google docs spreadsheet: Insert / Chart

  3. Right click on chart / Publish chart / Copy URL, e.g.

  4. In Google Sites: Insert Image / Web Address (URL) / Paste from #3