5. Slang / metaphor


Map out the history of 10-15 slang words/phrases in a particular semantic field or with a particular metaphor (e.g. "going broke" or "falling in love")


Please do the following:

  • If possible, work mainly from the lists in one of the following three books (but then supplemented with other phrases you can think of, if you want)

  • Can use either COHA or Google Books (although the sample project uses both). If it's really low frequency for a given phrase, please use Google Books.

  • Give frequency (and link) for COCA as well.

  • Show which phrases are the most common overall (choose COHA or Google Books, and then put them in order of frequency)

  • Show when each word or phrase came into the language

  • Show when the phrase acquired figurative meaning, if it went from literal to figurative