0 Bio / introduction
1 Language change and culture

Lexical: by decade


Historical events, dialects, borrowing


Lexical: by topic


Slang and metaphor


Semantic change


Morphological change and spelling rules

8 Syntactic change

Changes in LDS discourse


Final presentations: book/film

Creating and evaluating the projects is a multi-step process:

  What When
1 "Reserve" a specific topic for a given project (e.g. "foods" for "Lexical by topic"). Make sure that your topic is not already chosen by someone else. Anytime before the first of the two days that we do a project (e.g. Sep 27 for "Lexical by topic"). First come, first served.
2 Create a short 700-1000 word web page for your project, with links to COHA   (Same)
3 Submit a link to your web page   (Same)
4 Give a 4-5 minute overview of your project in class One of the two days that are assigned to that project. We will randomly select projects for that day at the beginning of class, so your project needs to be ready by the first of the two assigned days.
5 Review the projects by three other students (which ones will be assigned randomly) After the project is presented in class, and before we start the next project. You are under to obligation to evaluate projects that were not turned in on time.
6 Take a look at the three evaluations of your project, and quickly assign a score (1-5) indicating how useful each of the evaluations was As soon as possible after the reviews have been completed.

Note: Because three other students will help to evaluate each of your projects, these projects need to be turned in on time. Any project that is not turned in by the first day of presentations for that project will lose 10%, and then 20% on the second day, etc. The students who were assigned to evaluate your projects are under no obligation to evaluate them if you are late -- you'll have to somehow convince them to do so :-).