Study guide for Midterm #2


A. What types of verbs are the following?  Select regular OR irregular (referring to morphology) AND single word OR multi-word (number of words)

made up

B. Which semantic class do the following verbs belong to: activity, communication, mental, causative


C. Classify the following verbs as phrasal, phrasal + prepositional, or free combination 

do away with

D. Distinguish the following types of verbs: lexical, auxiliary, or (semi-)modal

need to

E. Write the letter of the sentence that has the specified form and meaning of the verb tense. 

past tense // past function

F. Which of the following would be most likely in the following three situations?  Each sentence is used just once. (perfect)

I live in Provo

G. Are the following passive sentences?

I'm totally excited about this test

H. Which of the following would favor the use of the passive?

Animate objects

I. Choose the meaning of the modal in the follow sentences. (permission / logical necessity, etc) 

Go ahead; you can do it now

J. True or false

ELang 325 is perhaps the most useful class for a major in English

K. Are the following more common in spoken English, or in written English?


L. Indicate the part of speech for the indicated words from the following General Conference talk. 

INTRansitive V
PROGressive V
PASsive V
other TRANSitive V (i.e. not passive, progressive, or perfect)