Relative clauses

Find the head noun, the relative clause, the relative pronoun (relativizer), and role of the NP in the relative clause for the following.

  1. He's someone    you really ought to meet    

  2. The point    I was trying to make    is that he'll never, ever win

  3. The way    things are going   , we'll never get it done

  4. The questions that they answered    first were the easiest one

  5. But the candidate whose positions I support    has no chance of winning

  6. Go get someone who    knows CPR

  7. They never looked in the place where we left it    

  8. These certainly are the issues which    concerned them the most

  9. The reason    I'm running    is because I think I can change things

  10. The candidate for whom he's voting    would never use "whom"