1. subject (10.17)
  2. it __: extraposed subject (10.17)
  3. is __: subject predicative (10.14)
  4. subject raising (10.16a)
  5. object raising (10.16b)
  6. V __: verb complement (10.13)
  7. ADJ __: adjective complement (10.15)
  8. N __: relative clause (9.9.2)
  9. N __: postnominal modifer (9.14.2)
  10. > adverbial (11.10)
  1. He has plans to finish in three years

  2. Well, I need to go now

  3. He was desperate to win

  4. It's not good to fool Mother Nature

  5. She didn't even seem to notice

  6. His goal is to get married right after his mission

  7. He managed to fake everyone out

  8. I need for someone to help me

  9. All athletes have a desire to excel

  10. But to totally ignore him doesn't make any sense

  11. The book was pretty hard to read

  12. I'm glad to make your acquaintance

  13. It's important to keep in mind that no one really knows

  14. He has too many cars to fix

  15. To have tried and failed is no crime

  16. The music was fun to listen to

  17. The purpose of this class is to have fun

  18. I was hoping to meet her next week

  19. That is to say, I don't have a clue

  20. They have a contract to take over her payments

  21. There's really nothing to do as of yet

  22. It's important to please John

  23. To please John is our goal

  24. John is eager to please

  25. John is easy to please

  26. > They went there to find gold

  27. > They'll be here on Sunday to bless the baby

  28. > Just put it over there, to save some time