finite non-finite: to V non-finite: V-ing
NP: subject (CH 10) [that he's still sick] worries me [to serve you] is my greatest joy [serving you] makes me happy
NP: extraposed subject it worries me [that he's still sick] it is my greatest joy [to serve you] it makes me happy [serving you like a dog]
NP: subject predicative his hope is [that others can help too] his plan is [to leave at 5 PM] the problem is [getting everyone together]
NP: direct object they thought [that he'd decline the offer] I want [to go now] I started [walking away]
ADV: adverbial (CH 11) [if you go a bank] they'll rip you off they came here [to see Jimmer] she walked away, [grumbling to herself]
ADJ: modifies noun (CH 9) the lady [that you just met] is my mom he's definitely the player [to watch] the people [waiting in line] never raised their voices
Modifies ADJ (CH 10) he's afraid [they'll take it away] he's afraid [to say anything] he's afraid of [saying anything]